Digital Financial Inclusion of Agribusiness Community in Assam

Towards agribusiness and rural transformation, there has always been a need to “add value and increase the resilience of chosen agriculture value chains focused on smallholder farmers and agro-entrepreneurs in districts of Assam.” According to reports and research, the wider farming community in Assam lacks access to, desire for, and responsible use of financial services, obstructing their ability to better manage their cash flows. Read More

Internet Roshni: Towards access and inclusion of the Tea Tribe / Adivasi Community in Assam

The Tea tribe / Adivasi community in Assam has one of the lowest social and economic indicators. The community is more isolated and now confronts problems for reaction, recovery, and resilience due to a lack of consistent, sustainable, and inexpensive access to the internet, digital resources, opportunities, and welfare notifications. With the present focus on digitising and online delivery of all information and services, the community requires significant access and digital inclusion support and mainstreaming. Read More